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Sunday, 14 May 2017

NETFLIX Nigeria Account Setup - Watch NETFLIX Videos in Nigeria.

NETFLIX Nigeria Account Setup tutorial and how to Watch NETFLIX Videos in Nigeria.
NETFLIX, NETFLIX Nigeria - This guide will show you How to Setup and Watch NETFLIX Videos in Nigeria – See further details below.

Do you know that you can now watch thousands of Netflix movies for as little as $7.99 a month for the Netflix basic plan on your TV, Play Station, mobile device and Xbox?


Do you also know that NETFLIX is your number one online streaming service for movies and TV shows ever known in the world?

There are no doubts that it will be in great competition with the following services;

  • iROKO TV
  • DSTV
  • and GOTV 

How do you Setup Netflix Account?

Setting up NETFLIX account is pretty easy;
  • Go to the Netflix official website and sign up or alternatively, download Netflix app from Android Play Store or Apple App Store and complete the signup process.
  • Choose the package “Start Your Free Month”
  • Next, select your desired plan

There are three different Netflix plans, Note that you have unlimited access to movies and TV shows on Netflix available to your country. Ability to stream from more than one device at a time depends on your plan

1. Basic Plan (Price: $7.99 per month):

With the basic plan, you can only stream from a single device at a time plus you cannot stream in HD or Ultra HD

2. Standard Plan (Price: $9.99 per month):

You can stream HD videos and can stream from 2 devices at a time

3. Premium Plan (Price: $11.99 per month):

As expected you can stream and watch from four different devices at a time and yeah, you can stream in HD and Ultra HD.

After selecting your plan, click on Start Membershipand start your first month free membership, note that you can cancel your free membership before the end of the first one month and you will not be charged.

Kindly understand that, Netflix will deduct $1 from your after entering your card details. The $1 is just to confirm the effectiveness of your payment details and would be returned back to your account.

FAQS on NETFLIX You should Know 

  1. How can I download Netflix Movies
    No you cannot download, you are only allowed to watch, you can watch as many times as you want as long as you are subscribed.

  1. How Much Does Netflix Cost in Nigeria
    You have three different option / Plan. Basic plan cost $7.99, Standard plan cost $9.99 and Premium plan cost $11.99. At Naira 275 exchange rate to dollars, Netflix Nigeria will cost Naira 2,197.25 for basic plan, N 2,472.25 for standard plan and N3,297.25 for Netflix Premium Plan respectively.

  1. How to Pay for Netflix in Nigeria
    You can pay for Netflix with your bank ATM cards, (Visa card and Master card) just enter your card details. You can also pay with your Paypal account

  1. How to Connect / Watch Netflix to your Smart TV
    Most recent smart tvs already has Netflix app installed on them. So just click on your smart tv’s smarthub and select Netflix, you will have the chance of your sign details and you will be able to enjoy the service

  1. What’s the best Internet network to use for Netflix Nigeria
    The best network to use for Netflix in Nigeria will depend on your location. If you have access to ISP {Internet Service Providers } that provides unlimited browsing per month, they may be your best choice like I do in Abeokuta. But if you don’t you might make do with the likes of mtn, glo, airtel or etisalat 3G whichever one is stronger in your area.

  1. What are the best and highly rated Netflix Movies and Shows
    Some suggestions you should check out are: House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, 30 Rock, Dare devil, Making Murder…

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Hence, if you need more updated information on NETFLIX Nigeria, kindly provide us your email Address and your mobile number in the comment section.

Gone are those days where you need to use VPN to pretend you are from the US so you can get access to stream NETFLIX movies..

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