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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How To download Two Whatsapp Apps On One Phone

 WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform and end-to-end encrypted messaging application for smartphones. It uses the internet to make voice calls, and very recently, one-to-one video calls; send text messages, images, GIF, videos, documents, user location, audio files, phone contacts and voice notes to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers. It also incorporates a feature called Status, which allows users to upload photos and videos to a 24-hours-lifetime feed that, by default, are visible to all contacts
WhatsApp is one of the most popular and commonly used [nstant messaging apps these days and due to its simplicity and easy-to-use interface, users are able to use it without any hassle.
By now, everyone of us has a WhatsApp applcation on our smartphones. Although each and everything is quite convenient in WhatsApp, what is the impediment we encounter? For me, it is:
"Is it possible to use two WhatsApp account in one single mobile phone?"
If you have a dual sim mobile phone, you might be willing to enjoy two separate WhatsApp account for your two different telephone numbers. Isn't it? Great!
However, this is where WhatsApp puts restrictions on its users. WhatsApp users can't use more than one WhatsApp account on their mobile devices.
You are probably thinking about finding a superb and worthy resolution to this riddle.
Today, I'm going to be telling you about not one but multiple solutions to your problem that will allow you to run two WhatsApp accounts in one phone.
I have also made available solutions for both users who want to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on their smartphone without rooting their Android device and with rooting their Android device respectively.
To this effect, to use multiple accounts, some android phones need rooting, which is not a suitable method for all Android users, with this guide you can install dual whatsapp accounts on your android phone without rooting it. Whatsapp is now the biggest source of Sending text messaging via Android phone, Mobile phones are coming with dual sim feature too, so why not install 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same android phone?
Whatsapp is now the biggest and popular messaging app with 700 million active users and some of the users want to run dual WhatsApp accounts on their Android phones.

METHOD 1: Use Multi-User in Android Lollipop Phones

If you want to run 2 WhatsApp Accounts on One Android Phone, you can use the Multi-User Feature offered by the Android Lollipop Operating System, including Cyanogen OS and other custom ROMs. 
Follow these easy and clear steps to start:
Step 1: Add Multi-User in Android Lollipop-Based smartphone. For this, just go to Settings and click on Users and then Add User.
Step 2: Once youve' created a new user, provide complete details to setup a new user account.
Step 3: Switch to the New User by pulling down the notification bar and clicking on ''New User icon''.
Step 4: Once turned to New User, you will be provided with an all new phone interface with default phone settings.
Step 5: Now, Install WhatsApp in the New User Mode.
Step 6: Once WhatsApp is downloaded, enter all the details, and you are ready to roll!
Congratulations! You have successfully installed 2 WhatsApp accounts in One Single Phone without rooting or installing any other Custom ROM.
With the multi-user feature, you can even Enjoy multiple WhatsApp accounts on your single Android device.


SwitchMe is an Android app that allows you to have two separate WhatsApp accounts on a single Android device, but this app requires your Android smartphone be rooted.
Switchme multiple account app allows you to log in and out of multiple user spaces, however, it needs root access to do this. However, users cannot access the other profile from their current profile because each account within the multiple profiles will have its settings, applications, and data.
Follow these simple steps to go:
Step 1: Root your Android device.
Step 2: Make sure that you have WhatsApp app installed on your smartphone.
Step 3: Install SwitchMe application on your smartphone.
Step 4: Run SwitchMe Multiple accounts, it will ask for Superuser request that you need to grant.
Step 5: Now create a user profile with your name in SwitchMe app. This profile will be an administrator account containing all the current apps and settings, and will also reflect your WhatsApp profile that is already installed on your smartphone.
Step 6: Now create another profile using a different name by tapping on the Create Profile button in SwitchMe app, and then choose the Switch option by selecting this account.
Step 7: Now your smartphone will restart automatically and once it is ready to use, install official WhatsApp again from Google Play Store and register it for the different phone number.
That's it. Congratulations!
Unlike multi-user feature in Android Lollipop, the Free version of SwitchMe allows you to enjoy only 2 WhatsApp accounts on one single phone. However, SwitchMe's paid account allows you to run multiple WhatsApp accounts.


To use two Whatsapp accounts on your one Android Device, you need some things to be setup on your device. So simply checkout some of the basic requirements for this method below:
  • Android Mobile Phone
  • GBWhatsapp apk
  • Works With Rooted and NonRooted Both Phones.
  • Any Working Internet Connection 2g/3g/4g/wifi
  • Common Sense for Understand This Easy Guide
Steps To Install two WhatsApp Account in Same Android Phone (Dual Whatsapp), no root method)
  • First of all, download GBWhatsapp
  • You will See Download Button In This app, Click on It and It will start downloading this app.
  • Now Just Install GBWhatsapp  app in your Phone which you have downloaded from Above Step.
  • After installing GBWhatsapp  app open it, and enter your mobile number in it, which you want to use as secondary whatsapp account.
  • After that an, it will send otp code into your Mobile Phone, & it will automatically verify it in some seconds like normal whatsapp, no need to worry about it.
  • Now after successful verification, you are running two whatsapp accounts on your single android mobile phone.
1st Whatsapp – Original Whatsapp
2nd Whatsapp – GBWhatsapp
So this was an easy way to use two WhatsApp accounts on your rooted android mobile phone, Check it out. If you have any questions, kindly drop them in the comments box below.

Features Of this Dual Whatsapp App

  • No rooting is needed.
  • Working smoothly.
  • Many cool features are working (check in GB settings page)
  • Latest APK  updated.
  • Material design
  • Hide Last Seen like Whatsapp Plus
  • Hide Blue Tick, Second Tick, Typing for Chat, Groups
  • Copy Messages without Date & Time
  • Share Big Files with Less limit
  • Custom Icon
  • Better Looking & Some MODs
  • Anti-ban enabled – No Ban Issues like Whatsapp Plus
  • Calling feature enabled – No Need to Worry About Calling Feature
  • Updated design with bug fixes – Fully Stable. All things & features working.
  • Latest mod – Including With All new features of WhatsApp
  • latest WhatsApp mod Released (Based on Latest Version
 1 android 2 whatsapp
whatsmapp solo whatsmapp solo download whatsmapp solo download dual whatsapp

Method 4: Using OGWhatsapp

OGWhatsApp is an Android app that allows you to use two separate WhatsApp accounts on your single Android device without any need to root your Android device.
While running your normal WhatsApp account on your smartphone, you can follow the simple steps stated below in order to run a different WhatsApp account on the OGWhatsApp.
Follow these simple steps to go:
Step 1: Take a complete backup of your WhatsApp data and restore it.
Step 2: Delete all the WhatsApp data by going to Settings>apps>WhatsApp>Clear Data.
Step 3: Rename the /sdcard/WhatsApp directory to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp. You can use any file manager for Android to do this task, or from Windows.
Step 4: Uninstall your original WhatsApp app from your Android device.
Step 5: Now install OGWhatsapp in your Android smartphone.
Step 6: Once installed, remember to verify your old number that was previously registered with the original WhatsApp to OGWhatsApp. That is it.
Step 7: Now re-install the official WhatsApp for your other number from the play store.

Method 5: No Rooting 


If you had any issues while following the above methods, then simply try the below mentioned method. It will help you to run to WhatsApp accounts on your one Android phone. So Simply have a look at that now from below and enjoy dual WhatsApp accounts on your single Android device.

  • Download Parallel Space app from your playstore
Parallell space app screenshot
  • After Downloading this app, simply open it. Select Whatsapp from the list, and click "Add to Parallel'' Space Button.
Parallell space app screenshot
  • Now Launch Whatsapp from Parallel Space app by clicking on WhatsApp Icon.
Parallell space app screenshot
  • Now it will launch 2nd WhatsApp. Verify your mobile number from this App.
Whatsapp screenshot
Now you can enjoy your second WhatsApp on your Android device with this app. No root required for this method too. Parallel Space app can be used for run dual WhatsApp without any issues. So simply download and install this app now and enjoy two WhatsApp Accounts on your Android.
If you have any questions, kindly drop them in the comments box below.Go and enjoy WhatsApping!

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