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Monday, 17 April 2017

"Google Hire" Could Allow Your Employers To See All Your Search History

Google is now working on a job site which they call "Google Hire". Google Hire will allow  prospective Bosses and employers to snoop around your embarrassing search history.

Job interviews could get even more awkward with Google’s help.

In this day and age where every boss is going to quickly Google a prospective employee before asking them to come in for an interview.

Fears Google Hire could allow your employers to see your entire search history

But now the new Google technology is going to reports  all your weird search history to your boss so they could learn a bit about you before recruiting you.

Google Hire reported that this new google project is similar to Linkedin but however, earlier report has it that the tool will be associated to users personal account.

If that’s the case, it will link things like your entire search history and YouTube account with your job applications, laying it all bare for employers to see.

Imagine if recruiters knew every single thing you’d ever looked up on Google.

Technology website Axios reports the tool is currently under testing, and that it will let employers post job listings, and accept and manage application.

It was apparently developed by Google’s enterprise and cloud division, headed up by Diane Greene, whose start-up was acquired by Google in 2015.

The Google hire login page is currently live, however as the service hasn’t officially been announced it’s not yet possible to actually check the website out.

Just to be on a safer side, ensure you don’t do any X-rated browsing when the service goes live.

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