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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Happy new month Wishes, Messages & Quotes

This Happy New Month SMS and messages you should send to your loved ones.
Happy new month Wishes

Welcome your friends and loved ones into a brand new month of MAY in a grand style by sending them these great collections of handpicked happy new month messages/SMS/Text and greetingsTrust me, they'll love it...
This article contains New Month Greetings, New Month Wishes, New Month Quotes, New Month Poems, New Month SMS, New Month Text and lots more you can send to friends and family.

The new month has arrived...

The new month has arrived!
Enjoy it at the fullest extent, buddy!

May this new month be like...

May this new month be like a barrier for you –
When you step over it,
Your troubles will be solved
And only the good things will come into your life.
Happy new month to you!

Wishing that all previous...

Wishing that all previous failures
Turn into achievements this month.
Happy new month and good luck to you!

If you’re cold, I wish...

If you’re cold, I wish you to get warm. If you’re tired, I wish you to get rest. If you’re bored, I wish you to get an exciting hobby. If you’re lonely, I wish you to find somebody special. May this month bring the missing piece to you! Good luck!

Happy New Month Messages 

Happy new month Messages

Hey Buddies

Hey Buddies
this is the opening day of the new month
And it preserve be a new create of your life as well.
Take a lengthy breathing and begin
Going advance towards your purpose.
Best of good fortune
Happy New Month!

New Month Text Wishes

The very last month has moved

The very last month has moved
Allow the lifeless past hide its hold lifeless
The New Month has in use
Custody of the timepiece of time
Every frozen rain the jobs
Promise of the next future
30 Days!
Happy New month

A fresh and joyful month

A fresh and joyful month
Is in relation to come,
May God sanctify you?
With cheerfulness
And delight which
You miss in the
Previous month.
Happy New Month.

With let’s twist a fresh sheet

With let’s twist a fresh sheet
with the perfume of fresh rainwater.
Let’s overlook earlier period errors
making punishment for this month.
Transfer you these good wishes
to carry you trust and joyfulness
Happy New month!

New days and new months....

New days and new months are the importance of transform.
They explain that being not stopped for everything.
So stay touching and stay cheery.
Happy New Month

Open ur Mind 2 Possibilities

Open ur Mind 2 Possibilities
You’ll be amazed by what you are capable of achieving
We are powerful beyond measure.
May the Almighty God balance d equation 4 U dis new Month.
Hapi New Month

I ask 4 God’s BRAIN 2 DRAIN away d...

I ask 4 God’s BRAIN 2 DRAIN away d
RAIN of PAIN in your life &
fall RAIN of GAIN on u so dt what u OBTAIN &
ORDAIN 2 be will not turn into VAIN.
Hv a 1derful February…

Just Like the Eagle,

Just Like the Eagle,
You’ll fly Like Gold,
You will be Valued Like the Sun,
You shall shine bright Like the river,
You shall flow unlimited Like the Palm Tree,
You shall Flourish and like Money, You shall be Useful
Happy New Month …

A fresh month has...

A fresh month has come!
Open your mind for opportunities
And you will be amazed
How much you are capable of achieving!

The new month has just...

The new month has just arrived.
Let it be filled with cheerfulness and delight!

Today is the first day of...

Today is the first day of the new month,
So take a deep breath
And start moving towards your goals and dreams!

Wishing you a fantastic new month...

Wishing you a fantastic new month,
Filled with exciting experiences and great opportunities!
Happy new month, dear friend!

Our God is a mighty God...

Our God is a mighty God
He is the God of each year
God over weeks and God over year
This May, He will make everything work for you
He will surprise you and give you the best of Happiness
Happy New …

Silence isn’t ignoring sometimes it shout an...

Silence isn’t ignoring sometimes it shout and
@ tyme it whispers if u listen
u’ll d voice of my silence saying
how’re u? & api new month

May u be highly favoured dis month …

May u be highly favoured dis month …
This is start of month,
and i wish may you be happy always the upcoming time.
Happy New Month…

May this month be a good new bearer for you,

May this month be a good new bearer for you,
May all your problems be solved.
Happy New Month…

May your dreams come true this month,

May your dreams come true this month,
May all your wishes be fulfilled.
Happy New Month

I love to talk to you at this moment...

I love to talk to you at this moment,
before the start of new month. Now i am sure,
my month will be very good. You are always lucky to me.
Happy New Month…

May all of your previous failures...

May all of your previous failures
turn into success this month.
Happy New Month…

Wishing you fabulous new month,

Wishing you fabulous new month,
a month with new experiences waiting for you.
Happy New Month…

May each day of coming month bring...

May each day of coming month bring
many reasons of celebrations for you.
Happy new month

May your new month be filled...

May your new month be filled
Good Will
All kinds of success.
Happy New Month!

Hope this month...

Hope this month
will bring
a lot of change
in your life
This change will be as
good as you are.
Enjoy your new month
with all of your friends
and your loved ones.
Happy New Month!

Try to make your new month

Try to make your new month
as bright as moon
as gay as butterflies
as colorful as rainbow
as lovely as flowers
as happy as birds.
So enjoy your new month
at full extent.;)
happy New Month!

Whenever new month comes...

Whenever new month comes, my hands raise for the best time of your life ever. I wish you always remain happy and never see any trouble and worries in future. Wish you a happy and pleasant new month.
Happy New Month 

New month always comes...

New month always comes with new challenges and purposes for us, it is a voice of my heart that you defeat all challenges and be successful not only in this month but all the years of life.
Happy New Month!!

When there comes new moments of new month

When there comes new moments of new month, my heart wishes that your face always keep on smiles and laughter throughout month and you never see any sadness.
Wish you a Happy New Month.

Patience is the key to all doors of success,

Patience is the key to all doors of success,
Patience teaches us the art of hard work,
We should do this practice, so we can find the
real concept of success and happiness.
Happy New Month.

May new month becomes one of the most

May new month becomes one of the most
blessed and happy months for you
In this beautiful month,
May its shining lights up every dark corner of our heart,
May our all prejudices against each other disappears,
May God give us the strength to follow His orders,
May peace transcend the earth.

Bless You A Very Happy New Month.

Bless You A Very Happy New Month.
The New Month of happiness has arrived,
Get ready to gather all the treasure of blessings,
May we Praise Almighty God from dawn to dusk,
Help others by giving them smiles and happiness,
So everyone can enjoy the celebration of spring,
Wish You a Nice Month Ahead.

In busy life

In busy life, We don't have enough time to enjoy and spend time with each other.
At the start of this month, I wish and hope to spend some time with you.
Share all the good memories of our love affection.
Happy Lovely New Month.

One month is not...

One month is not just a period of time in your calendar – it’s a period of your life. So don’t neglect it and make the most of it. Best places to visit, best people to meet, best books to read, best feelings to experience – I wish you it all. Happy new month!

This month is another...

This month is another step on your way to happiness and realization of your dream. Keep running and you’ll reach your goal very soon. Happy new month!

You can’t control the...

You can’t control the weather in this changeable and moody month, but you can control your emotions. Start a new month with good mood and inspiration and you’ll see how it will influence your inner peace and harmony. Happy new month!

Time is the most precious...

Time is the most precious thing in our life. Appreciate it, spend it wisely and never waste it on nonsense. Have an incredible month full of unforgettable moments that won’t make you regret eventually! Good luck!

It’s never too late...

It’s never too late to start running in the morning, to find new job, to fall in love – in other words, to change something in your life and open for new opportunities. This wonderful month is also a great chance for any endeavour. Happy new month!

Whether it’s a rainy...

Whether it’s a rainy November or hot July, may this month be special and memorable. May every minute of it be filled with pleasant expectations of wonder and joy. Happy new month!

If you ever wanted...

If you ever wanted to start again, new month is a good opportunity to do it. Don’t put your life on a waiting list, otherwise it (your life) will turn its back on you. Happy new month!

New month is coming...

New month is coming soon and it means that it’s time to take stock and draw up a new plan. Happy new month!

If just one day is...

If just one day is able to surprise us with some little pleasant things, then imagine how many incredible presents you’ll receive during the coming month! I’m sure you’ll be satisfied. Happy new month!

Despite one month doesn’t...

Despite one month doesn’t last long, it can be very full and exciting – it all depends on you. Don’t be lazy and passive and you’ll be attracted to many positive events and occasions. Happy new month!

May this month include...

May this month include the whole year: may it be warm and shining like the summer sun, may it be colourful like autumn landscape, may it be charming like winter’s evening and may it be inspiring like awaking of nature in spring!

New month means...

New month means refreshment and reboot. Wish you to leave old troubles alone and enter into a new month with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Who is to make your life better, if not you? Happy new month!

If something you’ve...

If something you’ve been waiting for a long time still hasn’t happened, may this month fix it and delight you with something special and unique. Happy new month!

Just as the ocean is...

Just as the ocean is made of billions of drops, our life consists of minutes, hours, days and months. Sometimes every single thing is necessary. Don’t neglect your time and have an incredible month!

Why can’t every month...

Why can’t every month be like a little New Year? I think it’s a good idea. Congratulate you on this new month that will certainly bring you much fun and joy – just like holidays do. Happy new month!

Sometimes it’s good to...

Sometimes it’s good to become someone else for some time and discover a new look. Don’t be afraid to change and develop. I wish you to spend this month being a man you always wanted to be. And then you’ll develop a taste for it. A wonderful and inspirational month to you!

The beginning of month...

The beginning of month is a good time to take care of some business that was put in a drawer and set new targets. Wish you a very successful month full of great accomplishments!

Happy new month wishes from...

Happy new month wishes from us! May these days not go to waste, make every second count, and don’t let anyone make you negative or unhappy, because as they say “Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life!”

A new month is so refreshing...

A new month is so refreshing, you can make new experiences,
go on new adventures and just be plain happy!

Today is another chance...

Today is another chance at life,
today is another chance at luck,
today is another day to live
like you’re gonna die tomorrow!

It’s so fun to see different...

It’s so fun to see different months, different seasons, and to see many different opportunities to be happy, or to do something that will make you even more positive! Make sure you make every day count. Happy new month!

A new month came your way...

A new month came your way
Make it an amazing one,
it doesn’t matter if the weather is bad,
or you mood is not good at all
you just have to stand tall
and be happy!

I wanted to wish you...

I wanted to wish you a happy new month! Don’t miss this opportunity, because maybe tomorrow will be the end, because you never know what can happen.

A new month is like...

A new month is like another chance at life,
make every day count, because one day
you will not have another opportunity..

Today is a new month...

Today is a new month, it’s time to do something new, something fresh, that will make you and everyone else around you happy!

New month – new experiences...

New month – new experiences,
New day – new opportunities
make them count,
because you may not get another chance!

Today is the day to start...

Today is the day to start something new and you have to feel fresh, just because it’s a new month, help yourself to be happy, and let go of everything bad!

I wish that this upcoming month...

I wish that this upcoming month brings you much joy, love and inspirational moments in your life!

New month wishes...

May this month bring you success and well-being in your professional and personal life!

I wish that every day of this...

I wish that every day of this new month bring you lots of reasons to smile and to celebrate!

Wishing that this new month be...

Wishing that this new month be
As bright as the sun,
As cheerful as butterflies,
As beautiful as flowers,
And as lovely as you are!

May this month bring positive...

May this month bring positive changes into your life.
And let these changes be as good as you are.

Wishing that this new month...

Wishing that this new month brings you
Lots of reasons to celebrate life!
Let it be filled with joy, happiness, love
And all kinds of success!

Happy new month...

Take a positive look on mistakes of previous month, because they can teach you and make you wiser and stronger this month.

Every new month is like...

Every new month is like a fresh piece of paper, and only you decide what will be written on it, wishing you all the best!

I wish that your efforts be...

I wish that your efforts be rewarding and this month bring you one more step closer to your goal.

New month messages...

May this month have a successful start and a lot of great achievements in the end!

It is the very beginning...

It is the very beginning, so get ready to face all the new exciting challenges waiting for you!

New month brings new opportunities...

New month brings new opportunities, new ideas, new expectations. I wish that you make the most of them, have a great month!

May this month bring us patience...

May this month bring us patience and courage,
Cause they are the keys to all doors of success.
Wishing you a very successful new month!

May this new month light up...

May this new month light up every dark corner of our hearts,
May all prejudices against each other disappear.
Wishing you a peaceful new month!

May this new month be...

May this new month be one of the most blessed and happy months for you!

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