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Sunday, 22 May 2016

4 Ways to Get Millions of Facebook Likes

In this post, am going to highlight 4 ways that one can get Millions of Facebook likes simply by following the Facebook rules.

Post Funny and Interesting  Pictures 

Picture will also make you to have many like but what you need to, If the picture is original by you then you have to put your Facebook page link on the picture or use your Facebook page image on the picture so once some body share the image or save the image the link and your Facebook page logo will be shown on the picture this simple mean your picture and the link on the picture will go viral.
As Bill Gates and SEO experts will always say "Content is King". You need to have the right content especially those that makes people happy and satisfied. 

See: Facebook-sign-up-Process

Advertise on Facebook for Likes on your Page

Yes with Facebook campaign you can to pay $5 (Dollars) daily if you want your Facebook page to grow faster. With Facebook fans page ads you can be able to make nothing less than 500+ page likes every day but it all depends on your campaign plan.

How Politicians Like Barack Obama Got Facebook page likes free

Before you can be able to get free Facebook like you need to make a name for your self. You can become a celebrity or politician. The Obama Victory photo, hundreds of thousands people like and shares his election victory photos and also comment which makes him to get more page likes. Once people shares his photo, his or her friends on Facebook will also see the photo that the person shares then he or she can also like the page or the photo and can also be able to share the same photo.
how to get free likes on Facebook

Invite friends to like your Facebook page

Invite friends to like your Facebook fan page and tell them to share your page but it wont help you to get millions of like on Facebook so what you need to do is to comment or post on Facebook group that have more than 50,000 followers on Facebook Group.

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