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Saturday, 21 May 2016

2go Download | 2g0 Registration Or

Download 2go Messenger Latest Version 5.3.4. and 6.0.3 at– 2go Registration Sign Up on or

This topic of today is called 2go download and registraion sign up. The bottom line of this discussion is that we want’s to take out time from our busy schedule to teach our fans how to download and install 2go mobile and personal computer(PC) chat on your devices so as to enable you keep in touch with friends and family.

Download 2go Messenger Latest Version 5.3.4. and 6.0.3 at– 2go Registration Sign Up on or

 Our intention here is to guide our fans step by step on how they can download 2go application on their respective devices. You don’t need to be told that 2go mobile and pc messenging application has come to stay because this social network community has been there for decades and it is still very relevant in our lives till date . As far as human being can’t stop communicating to one another i see no reason why 2go application would be rendered useless or out of place or maybe obsolete.

2go Download | 2g0 Registration Or

I still clearly remember the day a friend of mine introduced this 2go chat to me and i was very curious to know how it works . Kind enough for him , he took time to explain how is works to me and further persuaded me to download it on my Nokia phone , YES! as at that time i was using a Nokia phone . I wasn't having MB on my device that moment then i had to wait till the next day before i finally downloaded it after searching for it on google . When i browse on google, i downloaded it on my phone , i was so so grad i did because that was where i found my first love and her name was Rose . Up till this moment i and Rose are still together and it might interest you to know that i have all intentions to marry Rose when the time is right . Isn’t this 2go mobile chat great as it gave me happiness as well as joy beyond my imaginations .

That was that for that . Now let’s go back to our topic of today which is teaching you how to download 2go mobile messenger on your mobile phone or Pc or Laptop and what have you .But before i go to the main point , let me give you a brief history of this popular social network community that is called 2go.

History Of 2Go Application And Messenger

2go is a free mobile social networking application developed by 2go Interactive (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town, South Africa. 2go supports over 1,500 different devices, including feature phones, in addition to Android, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 smartphones. 2go has over 50 million registered users across Africa with 13 million active users based within Nigeria.

2go is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, but originated in Johannesburg. 2go was created in 2007 by a couple of University of Witwatersrand students as a communication tool. 2go started as a mobile website and was used to upload and share the students’ timetables and lectures with each other. In 2008, two of the founders left, leaving Alan Wolff and Ashley Peter behind. Under their management, 2go moved away from the students-only model by targeting developing markets in Africa.

2Go Features

2go is a full featured feature phone instant messaging application. Supported devices require Java and internet connectivity via CSD, GPRS, 3G or WiFi to operate. Originally intended as a feature phone exclusive application,  versions for Android, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 powered smartphones have also been released.

2go Star Progress –  2go star progress is a level to level movement of your progress in the social network platform . This Feature allows you know your reputation in the network  . The progressive stages include  Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and Black Diamond. When log log into your 2go account , you will able to see your daily percentage of your 2go star which is there to let you know how far you have gone that very day .

2Go Features Include

Chats – This feature allows you see all your friends online and chat with anyone you wish to talk to at that moment . The new and recent version of 2go chat version  6.0.3 is just off the huke because it is way more sleeker and smarter .

Friends –  Each time you log into your 2go account , you will be able to see your friends online and your facebook friends online and offline , that is if you connect your facebook account with your 2go account . Don’t get it twisted , you can only chat with your facebook friends when you connect the two together .

2go Rooms – 2go Rooms is like a new world you can enter through 2go , this world allows you see and meet new people in the chat rooms . There are many 2go chat rooms which is arranged in order of topics . They have the one for education which will later be brother into universities, polytechnics and college of education . They also have ro mance where love issues are discussed by 2go users from different countries . When you get there you will thousands of people discussing different topic and if you like you can contribute or just chill and read their chats.

My Profile – This is the place you can access , set and change  your  2go profile image , see your 2go star progress, 2go bio data and so on .

Get Gocredits –
 This is one important feature all 2go users deserves to know because they all need it. This 2go Gocredits is what you can use to chat in rooms and send gift items to people who are also in the network . You also need Gocredits to add friends from 2go chat rooms
2go Settings

2go Settings is so important that you can’t even chat for one day without touching the settings . This  is where you can easily change style, general setting, gateway, alert setting, change password, 2go shortcuts and many other options .

2Go Application Allows You Do This 

1.  Sending of Audio files over 2go 5.0
2. Sending of Video Files
3. 2Go Application allows you upgrade to the latest version as it comes out
4. 2go 5.0 download from
5. It can be downloaded form several portal/website
6. Instant chat messages ,2go File sharing 2go photo sharing
7. 2go Credit ,2go face book chat 2go Chat Room.

How To Download And Install 2go 6.0 ,5,4,3

1. Go to
2. On that website look very well and you will  see download
3. Click  the download and initiate download at once
4. When the form opens , you are to fill it properly and allow it to run and install the messenger
5. When it finish installing , fill in data to the blank spaces . They are your informations like your location, name, gender, age and so on .
6. Finally hit complete and download it .

For Blackberry users just go to your Blackberry world  on your device and search for 2go . When it comes out just hit download , After downloading then click install and you are good to go. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial... Stay tuned.

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