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Monday, 4 April 2016

How to Improve Adsense Earnings - Tips and Tricks

Low Google AdSense earnings your problem? See 5 things that can help improve your adsense rpm as well as your total Adsense Earnings. If your Ads are not making you enough money as they should, These are the five things you will need to consider in order boost your Google Adsense RPM.

Low AdSense Earnings? Here Are the 5 Things that can Improve Your Google Adsense Earnings

1 – You Need to Have Enough Visitors to Increase Adsense Earnings

We often tends to overlook this factor especially the new Adsense publishers. For you not having enough visitor or traffic to your website is a sure way to keep your earnings hovering round low earnings. Even the high AdSense earners, the actual clickthrough rates (CTR). The difference between CTR is around 1.5-3%. Although it differs from Niche to Niche as well as targeted Keywords. What you need is fairly large numbers of traffic to your blog to start making a meaningful amount of money on Adsense.
Lets take for an instance that an average click on your site equals $0.20. This simply means that you will need five clicks to make one dollar. If you are a bit lucky to have an average click through rate at 4% you've got the chance of making up-to $0.80 for every 100 visitors or $8 per 1000 visitors. Don't forget we are using this figures just as an example.  If you are more luckier and your site is based around a keyword/Niche where the ads pay more – you can make more money with less visitors. though this principle still applies. A good flow of traffic is a vital part of earning revenue – whether through advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling your own product.

2 – Avoid Low-Paying Ads

It is very true that not all user clicks are created equal. More Often AdSense displays ads based on the content around the ad unit (Don't ask me how they do that). So if you've got a blog which is attracting low-paying ads. Writing posts about more expensive items once in a blue moon will help boost your income as your blog starts displaying ads with higher paying clicks. More often than usual, try using Google AdWords tool or take a look on Amazon to see which are the more expensive products or services that relate to the topic of your website.

Low Adsense Earnings? Learn how to Improve Earnings through CPC, Page RPM, Page Views and Keywords niche

3 – Make Your Ad Units “Targeted”

Make sure your best-performing ad units have ad channels associated with them. It’s a great way keep track of the styles and placements that work best on your site. You can now also connect your AdSense account with your Google Analytics account to see exactly which pages generate the most revenue.

When you create your channel, make sure you select the Targeting option. This allows advertisers to more easily find your site when they’re setting up their campaign in AdWords.

4 – Improve Your Ad Units Click Through Rate

High Adsense paying ads will not mean much if no one clicks on them. It is worth noting that ads perform better when they’re above the fold i.e. when ads are placed in the upper part of the webpage, so they’re visible without scrolling – instead of hiding them below the page.
Ad placement is usually the single biggest factor of success with AdSense. The ads need to be in a position where your users can see them but not be so in the way they’re annoying and driving people to the browser back button.

Best Placements For AdSense

Good places to put this size ad are near the start of your content or over to the right, so that it forms the first part of a right sidebar. These positions are also good spots to try running the Medium Rectangle.

The 728 Leaderboard often works best to the right of a left-placed site logo, either above or below a top navigation bar. Many publishers report excellent results with this size banner so if you’ve never tried it it’s definitely worth experimenting with.
If you’re using the Wide Skyscraper, you’re limited to where you can place it by its large size – that usually means the left or right sidebar. Curiously, this is one ad size that often works better in the lower part of the page, below the fold.

  5– Run away from Low-Paying Niche

An extension of the problem above is when the entire niche is full of low-paying ads. A good example of such a market is games. There’s no shortage of users wanting to play casual web-based games but the click payouts for AdSense are extremely low, making it hard to make a good income with a games site using AdSense alone.
If you’re in this situation, it might be worth look into an alternative to AdSense or making money with a completely different system like Amazon’s affiliate program.

Bottom Line:

  • Keep Building Traffic using ethical, white-hat SEO strategies. If you’re not sure you’re doing that, check out my SEO book.
  • Ads Above The Fold
  • Match Ad Style With Content
  • Use Ad Channels To Track Performance & Add Attract Targeted Placement
  • Consider investing in a specialized AdSense WordPress theme that does the split testing and optimization for you, so you can just concentrate on building traffic.
  • Consider supplementing your AdSense income with Amazon affiliate revenue – I’ve found the two revenue streams work great together.

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