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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Deloitte Football Money League List 2016

This is Deloitte Football Money League 2016 list as Spanish sides Real Madrid and Barcelona lead the way, while half of the top 30 highest-earning football clubs in the world play in the Premier league.

1. Real Madrid (€577m).
2. Barcelona (€560.8m).
3. Man Utd (€519.5m).
4. Paris St Germain (€480.8m).
5. Bayern Munich (€474m).
6. Man City (€463.5m.
7. Arsenal (€435.5m).
8. Chelsea (€420m).
9. Liverpool (€391.8m).
10. Juventus (€323.9m).
11. Borussia Dortmund (€280.6m).
12. Tottenham (€257.5m).
13. Schalke (219.7m).
14. AC Milan (€199.1m).
15. Atletico Madrid (€187.1m).
16. Roma (€180.4m).
17. Newcastle (€169.3m).
18. Everton (€165.1m).
19. Inter Milan (€164.8m).
20. West Ham (€160.9m).
21. Galatasaray (€159.1m).
22. Southampton (€149.5m).
23. Aston Villa (€148.8m).
24. Leicester (€137.2m).
25. Sunderland (€132.9m).
26. Swansea (€132.8m).
27. Stoke (€130.9m).
28. Crystal Palace (€130.8m).
29. West Brom (€126.6m).
30. Napoli (€125.5m). s

Real Madrid still retained their place at the summit of the world’s 20 richest football clubs for the 11th year in a row, having generated £439m, following Deloitte Football Money League.

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