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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

WhatsApp Web Support Feature Coming To Microsoft Edge

WhatsApp web support  feature is no longer anticipated to be on Microsoft Edge. It's for sure coming to Microsoft Edge. WhatsApp released an online version of its instant messaging client that’s already available for a wide variety of platforms. This is to say that WhatsApp users  can just launch with a flip of their finger launch WhatsApp without using their mobile device as usually done.

WhatsApp Web Support Coming To Microsoft Edge

Image Credit: Mashable

When the feature was newly launched, it was available only to Chrome Browser. Subsequently, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera were added to the list of supported browsers leaving out Internet explorer but soon support for WhatsApp’s web version will be added to Microsoft Edge.

Those who are wondering whether the online version of WhatsApp supports Internet Explorer they won’t like the answer: it doesn’t.

Microsoft didn’t say if Internet Explorer will receive support at some point but it has confirmed that work is underway to add support to Microsoft Edge, the all new browser that debuted with Windows 10. It was previously known by its codename Project Spartan.

Microsoft Program Managers Greg Whitworth and David Storey mentioned on Twitter that they’ve been talking with WhatsApp engineers about bringing support to Microsoft Edge but don’t provide a timeframe in which we can expect this to happen.

This is no doubt good news for those who want to use WhatsApp within the browser on Windows 10 and use Edge for this purpose, but they’ll have to wait for a bit for it becomes a reality.

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