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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Recommended Tips To Check Your Data balance on Glo Network

Here's how you can check the balance of your data subscription on the Glo network. This post is like an update to one of my previous write-up "Latest Glo Internet Data Plans and subscription codes".

How Do I Check My Data Balance (Remaining MB) on Glo
How To Check Your Data balance on Glo Network

To check the Balance of your Glo internet subscription (data balance), simply send "INFO" without the quotes as a message to 127 then you should get a reply containing all the information you need to know about your current internet subscription such as expiry date and remaining MB.

How To Check Your Data balance on Glo Network

NB: This code is not for checking bonus data on Glo Bounce tariff plan, it is only for paid internet subscription. To check your free data on Glo bounce Click here instead

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