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Monday, 25 April 2016

Access Gmail Desktop View On Mobile Phone via Opera Mini Browser

This post will enable you view full version of Gmail on your mobile devices via Opera mini web browser with ease.

For a while now, Gmail users have been having issues accessing the Gmail desktop version on mobile web browsers such as Operamini using the Basic HTML link below the page. This is due to the fact that by default, Gmail displays the mobile version for people who access the site from a mobile device (smaller screen) or slow internet connection. In this post, we present you the tips and tricks to display full Gmail desktop version on tablet and mobile devices..

Access Gmail Desktop View On Mobile Phone via Opera Mini Browser
Opera Mini

Below is the solution to showing Gmail full site view from mobile phone.

Apart from the fact that it is practically impossible to switch between desktop and mobile view, the new platform cannot attach files when sending out emails neither can you read pdf files online without having to download them. This situation posed a major problem challenge for operamini users.

Accessing Gmail Full View from Mobile Phone Browsers

The solution to accessing full Gmail desktop view lies in the address. This link will force your browser to display the gmail desktop view android.
  • Visit or Sign in
  • After Sign in, copy the address below and then paste it into your web browser

The 2 steps above will surely guide you to display full version of Gmail on the following devices: Android, Blackberry, Tablets, iPhones, etc the list is endless. Enjoy the view.


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