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Friday, 19 June 2015

MTN Zone: How to Migrate to MTN Zone

How to migrate to MTN Zone plan and make cheap calls!

MTN Zone Nigeria is back and better! You can now Migrate to MTN Zone with no problems, for the mtn subscribers that loves the service that mtn zone gives, you are in for a much more exciting surprise as mtn has re-branded the mtn zone..

As most MTN subscribers know already, MTN Nigeria discontinue the Migrating to MTN Zone due to reasons unknown to the public, but this affect subscribers who are benefit of the prepaid plan.

For mtn customers who don't know much about the mtn zone Plan, well, here is how the MTN Zone plan works...

The MTN zone plan is a Prepaid tariff plan from MTN which allows MTN Subscribers to make cheap calls or get call discounts based on their location.

MTN Zone call Discounts ranges from 2k/seconds, 4k/seconds, 8k/seconds, 12k/seconds, 16k/seconds, 20k/seconds, 24k/seconds and sometime times, 30k/sec

How to migrate to MTN zone plan

MTN Zone: What to Know About MTN Zone


Follow the steps below to migrate to mtn zone plan and save money from all the calls you make!
Registration: *135*1#
Plan Menu: *135#
Tariff Plan: *135*2#
Tariff Rate: *135*3#
Cell broadcast set-up information: *135*4#
Notification off: 135*6#
Notification on: *135*5#

How to display MTN zone discount on your mobile phone
To display mtn zone discount on your on your mobile phone screen, Go to your text message settings and create broadcast service with channel number 50. Put it on and you are set to get discount information on your network base on the zone you are.when you are about to make call, you will see how much you are going to be charged per seconds. the mtn zone helps you save money on calls.

Q. What is MTN Zone?

A. MTN Zone is a prepaid price plan that offers MTN Prepaid customers discounts for as low as from 1 kobo per second on their MTN-to-MTN calls depending on the area and time of the day.

Q. Who can subscribe to MTN Zone?
A. MTN Zone is available to all prepaid customers on the MTNN network.

Q. What services will I enjoy on MTN Zone?

A. You will enjoy the following exciting services on MTN Zone:

Discounted MTN-to-MTN calls for as low as 1k/sec
Happy Hour
Start of Call Notification
Access to all MTN Value Added Services

Q. Why should I migrate to MTN Zone?

A. You should migrate to enjoy the following exciting services:

You will get better value for your money by enjoying discounted calls on your MTN-to-MTN calls for as low as 1 kobo per second depending on the area and time of the day within Zone coverage area.

You will always see the available discount displayed on your handset at every point in time when your cell broadcast is turned ON.

You will get a start of call notification message notifying you the rate at which your call will be charged at once you initiate a call.

Calls you make during Happy Hour - from 12:00am to 04:00am - everyday will be FREE of charge everyday as long as you have a minimum balance of NGN100 in your account at 00:00.

You will also be able to enjoy Happy Hour calls between 00:00am to 4:00am daily for as low as 1k/sec when you don’t have up to N100 in your main account at 00:00.

You will be able to enjoy other prepaid services.

Q. What services are exclusive to MTN Zone?

A. Only Discounted MTN-to-MTN calls is exclusive to the MTN Zone tariff plan.

Q. How do I migrate to MTN Zone?

A. Simply text 135 to 131 or dial *135*1#.

Q. How do I recharge my MTN Zone account?

A. To recharge your MTN Family & Friends account:
1. Simply buy an MTN recharge card
2. Scratch the silver foil off the 12-digit PIN
3. Dial *555*12 digit pin# and send/ok
Your account will immediately be credited with the value of the recharge card that you bought.

Q. What is cell broadcast?

A. Cell broadcast is a mobile feature that displays the available discount on your handset.

Q. How do I activate cell broadcast on my phone?
A. There are several handsets with different methods of cell broadcast activation. For example, to activate the cell broadcast on Nokia 1200 / 3210 / 5110, follow the steps below:
I. Go to Menu>Setting>Display settings>Cell info display-ON>
II. Settings>Information services>Topics>Add>Topic number – 50>Topic name – discount.
III. Once you have switched on cell broadcast, return to home screen to see cell broadcast message: for example MTN Zone 10k/s
PS: The discount displayed at the Start of Call, is the applicable rate. Some phones do not update cell broadcast messages in real time.

Q. Why do I need cell broadcast activated on my phone?

A. You need to activate the cell broadcast on your phone so that you can see the available discount when you are in Zone coverage area.

Q. Will I be notified at what rate my call will be charged when I start a call?

A. Yes, you will receive a start of call notification message once you start a call showing you the rate at which your call will be charged. Example:
Your call will be charged at 5k per second.

Q. What is Start of Call Notification?

A. Start of Call Notification message is a notification message that will display on the screen of your handset when you are within zone coverage area the applicable rate that will be applied on your calls once you initiate a call.

Once you initiate a call, you will see a start of call notification message displayed on your handset:
Your call will be charged at 10k/sec.

You will not get a start of Call Notification when you are out of a Zone coverage area or your handset is on 3G.

Q. I and My friend are together in a location but our handsets are showing different discounts why?

A. You and your friend are seeing different discounts because both of you are receiving discounts from different cell sites.

Now you know How MTN Zone works, enjoy.

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