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Friday, 10 July 2015

Complete list of Airtel Nigeria internet data plans

This post was originally written on Airtel Nigeria website. We are posting it as a favour to Airtel, and to help our readers get to know about the complete list of Airtel internet plan/bundle on the Airtel Network. Howbeit, you can view the expanded list of data plans on the Airtel Nigeria website.

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The Internet data plan starts from her:

Plan Data Allowance
(Bonus Inclusive)
Retail Price (N) Validity period Direct Activation Code
Entry 4MB 50 1 day *141*11*9#
Daily 10MB 100 1 day *410#
3-day 25MB 200 3 days *412#
Weekly 50MB 300 7 days *417#
Easy 80 MB 500 14 days *418#
Lite 260MB 1,000 30 days *420#
Midi 400MB 1,300 30 days *421#
Smartphone1 1GB 2,000 30 days *423#
Smart phone 2 2GB 3,000 30 days *451#
Plus 3.9GB 5,000 30 days *452#
Max 7.6GB 8,000 30 days *460#
Premium 13.3GB 15,000 30 days *462#
Prime 19.9GB 22,000 30 days *463#
Day 150MB 500 24 hours *141*12*5#
Night Time (Off  Peak) 3.9GB 2,500 30 days *141*12*4#
Weekend_200 200MB 200 midnight, same day *472#
Weekend_500 500MB 500 midnight, same day *473#
Weekend_1000 1GB 1,000 30 days *474#
Weekend_3000 3GB 3,000 30 days *475#
Android 2.0 2GB 2,000 30 days *437#
Android 4.5 4.5GB 3,500 30 days *438#
Monthly 80MB 200 30days *990#
Weekly 30MB 100 7days *991#
Facebook Bundle (Unlimited) 120MB 300 30days *688*3#
Facebook Bundle (Monthly) 70MB 200 30days *688*2#
Facebook Bundle (Weekly) 30MB 100 7days *688*1#
BBM Bundle (Unlimited) 120MB 300 30days *440*16#
BBM Bundle (Monthly) 80MB 200 7days *440*17#
BBM Bundle (Weekly) 25MB 100 1day *440*18#
WhatsApp Bundle 50MB 100 30days *948#
Opera Mini Bundle (Monthly) 250MB 300 30days *885*1#
Opera Mini Bundle (Bi-Weekly) 100MB 200 14days *885*2#
Opera Mini Bundle (Weekly) 50MB 100 7days *885*3#
To Check Data Usage - - *140#



  1. For ease of access, please visit THE AIRTEL SMART STORE and check out of ALL of Airtel's Data Bundle + BlackBerry plans, please dial *141# and follow the instructions to start
  2. The Midi, Smartphone 1, Smartphone 2 & Max plans will now get 60%, 100%, 100% and 50% data allowance bonuses respectively
  3. 30% BONUS (EXTRA) on the Lite, Plus, Premium & Prime plans - customers who take up these plans also get to call at 18 kobo per second - NOTE THAT THESE PLANS ARE COLLECTIVELY REFERRED TO AS THE SMARTBYTES OFFERINGS.
  4. Up to 100% BONUS on data bundles is available if you recharge with a Data Recharge Card, EPIN or ERC- visit an Airtel shop near you or the nearest retailer.. Offer applicable till stocks last.
  5. To subscribe for a data bundle plan via USSD, dial the associated string e.g. *141*11*4# to activate the Lite plan
  6. Postpaid data plans can be activated by contacting an Airtel staff (called a KAM) or by walking into any Airtel retail shop for directions on the associated modalities
  7. For the Blackberry plans, there are no eligibility criteria currently running, customers can take up any of the plans at will. However, at periodic intervals, the BlackBerry 1+1 offer is made available to a selected base of customers

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RECOMMENDATIONS: Because we value our customers, the following are our recommendations

  1. For Mobile phones, subscribe to any of the following: Entry, Daily, 3-day, Weekly, Easy, 786-plan, Lite or Midi plans
  2. For Smartphones/Tablets, subscribe to any of the following: Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus or Max plans
  3. For Dongles/MiFi/Routers, subscribe to any of the following plans: Smartphone1, Smartphone2, Plus, Max, Premium or Prime plans
  4. The Day, Night Time or Weekend plans are suited for subscribers who require data use for specific purposes and consume such data quickly
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