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Monday, 10 April 2017

4 Best Tele-Communication Network Nigeria 2017

These are the 4 Best  Tele-Communication Network in Nigeria 2017 who are charged with the responsibilities of providing, distributing and regulating internet access to individuals, organizations and Government establishment.

5 Best  Tele-Communication Network Nigeria 2017

These are the 4 Best  Tele-Communication Network in 2017 with reference to Nigeria. My list is drawn from personal experience and random opinion of internet users. The list rank from top to least.

1. MTN Nigeria: MTN provides fast internet service. Their widely coverage across Nigeria earns them the credit to make number one spot in 2017.  Visit MTN Services is good for businessmen that travel around Nigeria. Their data plan is good but not amazing, and they are just like the devil give you with one hand and take it back with another. Most customers aren't really happy about the caller tunez services because the customers claim that MTN auto subscribes this services for all MTN users, not cool!

2. ETISALAT: They are third Nigeria’s largest mobile network provider. Officially commencing business in Nigeria in the year 2008, Etisalat already ranked as the best mobile ISP within 1 year  of been in business. Their data plan fee is a little higher when compare to other Tele-Communication Network, but the price worth the service derived from the payment. Visit their website

3. AIRTEL Nigeria: Most android users go for Airtel because of how cheap their data subscriptions is. But,their cheap data makes up for their poor and very slow network quality. It is by far the slowest network in Nigeria. If you gat one of those China phones that only have EDGE network this network provider ain't for you cos their EDGE is 1kb/sec slow. It's so slow, that opening a 70kb webpage will take more than a minute, Imagine that! But,for other devices with H+ network, then this network provider is manageable during the day but not at night.

4. GLOBACOM: Glo was and still one of the Best  Tele-Communication Network in Nigeria with an integrity to make it to our number third position. Their HSDPA service is still waxing strong. Their budget friendly data plan also makes Glo stands out among their rivals. More info at



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