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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 Twitter Login/Signup | How to Create an Effective Twitter Account for Business

In this post, we will be looking at How to create an Effective Twitter account for Business  via The domain is the most used micro blogging site in the cyber space. This social networking (Twitter) site is seen as one of the best social media platforms with the world shortly in 140 characters and has the ability to reach people all over the world within seconds. Twitter has many features to attract millions of people all over the world. Twitter service rapidly gained worldwide popularity, with more than 100 million users who in 2012 posted 340 million tweets per day.

When was Twitter Launched? social network platform was founded on July 15th, 2006 in San Francisco, California, USA.

Who created Twitter?
Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey and colleagues:
  • Evan Williams 
  • Noah Glass
  • Biz Stone. 

What Inspired Twitter Developer?
The idea of Twitter was in the mind of Jack Dorsey for time and then he introduced the idea to his colleagues. This led to the creation of one of the most popular sites in the cyber community. Twitter is said to be the second best social networking site ever.

How to Create Your New Account at Signup Page

To create a new Twitter Account, you have to visit the twitter home page (
1. Click on sign up and fill the required details with a valid email addres.
2.Click on “create my account” 
3. Your account is created (Provided your details are accurate)

That's all on twitter signup.

How to Login into Your New Twitter Account via Sign in Page

1. To login into your new Twitter account after creating account, you need to verify the sign through the email account you signed up with.
2. After verifying your twitter account, visit ( enter your login id and password to log in to your Twitter account.

That's all on twitter login

Twitter Analysis/History



One thing about Twitter is that if you want to just read the tweets, you don’t have to have an account, but if you want to share something via Twitter, then you must create a Twitter account to share. 
Twitter has became a platforms for celebrities to give a clarity about the rumors and gossips crated on them around the world and it also became a platform for everyone to express their views straightly and swiftly. Twitter has the facility of hashtags to take the topics on top in the list of trending items.

Twitter Survey

According to a survey, more than 500 millions of tweets are sent by more than 271 million user as per the records till July, 2014. Number of users is increasing day by day and now it has around 600 million users. More Nigerians celebrities are lining up on twitter as the day goes by.

Features of Twitter:


Web Based Profile

Twitter has re modified recently and they have changed their profile page to a better one than the previous one. It looks like similar to a Facebook fan page.

Tweet and Retweet

When you create an account in Twitter, you can tweet whatever you want. This is called a Tweet. If you like someone else’s tweet, then you can retweet it. doing this, you’re allowing that tweet to appear on your Twitter timeline.

Twitter Mobile Notification 

You can activate the mobile notification about the happenings on the site.
Remove location – Twitter can trace the location from where you’re tweeting. If you don’t like this option, you can remove this option.

Pin a tweet 

Just like Facebook, you can pin a tweet with "Pin a Tweet" feature.

Mute anyone

By muting anyone, you can restrict someone’s tweets from appearing on your timeline.
Follow or unfollow anyone – You can follow or un follow the Twitter handles just by clicking on the Follow button appears on the top – right side of every profile.

Special Twitter Tips

Twitter Brings Money

Twitter gives you more for your money. Thanks to a decline in Facebook’s organic reach, brands’ presence on Facebook is beginning to depend on just how much they’re willing to spend. Meanwhile, Twitter drives more clicks than Facebook and routinely outperforms Facebook ads.

Twitter Is More Active

Twitter’s community is much more active. More than 100 million daily active Twitter users post 500 million tweets a day. That means the average Twitter user posts five times a day, compared to Facebook users who post less than once a day.
These are some of the features on that makes them special. Now you have learnt how to open an account in Twitter and start tweeting. 
Lets get into How you can use Twitter efficiently.

How to use Effectively

Haven signed up and logged into your Twitter account, the next big step is how do I use Twitter effectively? Once you get yourself familiar with the twitter territory, trust me you will be on your way to making a big exploit on Twitter. This section is aimed at giving you a basic understanding of Twitter so you can implement and effectively use Twitter to help you achieve your goals.

In order for you to achieve your desired goals, you need to carefully follow the underlying three steps;
1. Determine your target audience
2. Develop an engaging channel
3. Understand how Twitter works

Understanding Twitter

As we said earlier on, Twitter uses 140 character, it (Twitter) is a messaging service that was originally developed for cell phones which is the reason for the 140 character limit.

What is Following on Twitter?

Following is Twitter’s fancy word for what you do when you want to see a person’s updates regularly. When people are interested in your updates, they become your followers.
With each new connection you make, you extend the potential of your network.

What does Twitter do for you?

Twitter Gives Access
Twitter gives you acces depending on your specific purpose both on a personal and professional level. 
Twitter Connects you with people 
Twitter allows you to connect with people easily, people that you would never have been able to reach before e.g potential customers living far. 
Twitter Promotes Listening
Importantly Twitter allows you to listen to your audience with some few clicks and also find out exactly how to cater to the needs of your audience.

How much time can you spend on Twitter?

The amount of time you spend on Twitter depends on individuals (YOU). Remember, a little to the left and a little to the right always strike the balance.
Haven understood how to use Twitter effectively, the bigger question is how do i engage on twitter effectively?. This leads us to the heading "Effective Ways to Engage on Twitter"

Effective Ways to Engage on Twitter

Twitter is an important tool for building your micro community to drive traffic to your business website and blogs

Twitter is an important tool for social sharing and for building your own community.  As we said earlier on, Twitter is an ideal tool to use to stay informed and to drive traffic to website, blog, etc. Most importantly, Twitter helps you build relationships with like-minded people.
The underlisted tips will enable you to increase engagement with your Twitter community.
1. Create a unique twitter profile
People trust people, not default profile images. Use a real picture of yourself and make your personality stand out in your bio. A trust worthy profile increases peoples interest and encourages them to not only follow you. Twitter unique profile leads to more retweets.
2. Always break the news
Choose a topic that are near and dear to your heart and consistently provide valuable information. That will allow you to position yourself as an expert in that area and your followers will come to rely on the valuable information that's hitting their Twitter streams.

3. Follow back
Follow people back. This allows them to connect with you personally through DMs. And you expand your social network.
4. Request for a retweet
If you ask your followers, “please RT,” you will usually see higher number of retweets.
5. Tweet same content again
The Twitter stream moves very fast. There's a good chance that most of your followers won’t catch your first tweet. If you stumbled on great information or you want to share your own content, schedule multiple tweets in advance during multiple days. If your followers are spread across the globe in different time zones, schedule tweets during different times of the day.
6. Make use of hashtags
Hashtags are a unique feature of Twitter. Out of the 400 million tweets per day, an average of almost 3 tweets per day for each registered user, you are probably only interested in a fraction of them and usually follow the people who can provide you with the information you want. But what if you are interested in something more than that but do not want to increase the number of followed profiles?
7. Ask & Answer questions
 Twitter becomes more beneficial to you when you provide value to others
8. Promote others & promote others
Make sure you retweet your most passionate followers. Thank them and link to their social properties. #FF and #Recommend others and their work.
9. No personal contacts
As tweeting about yourself is not a good idea, creating personal contacts from your brand profile is not a good idea either. Many companies actually prohibit their community managers to create contacts on their brand profile. The Twitter profile of a company should always be kept for creating relationships with customers and other brands.
 10. Acknowledge Sources
Acknowledge people who shared the information with you, even if they shared it through other channels. If that person has a Twitter handle, credit them as a source.
Lastly, Have a focus, don't Spam, don’t reveal important information and don't be a RT machine....

How to Create an Effective Twitter Account for Business

We have discussed how you can effectively create a twitter account, Now is the time to discuss the effective business aspect of a Twitter account. Twitter can actually be a more effective real-time tool for most businesses, and anyone (and any business) can master it with some few simple tips.
Tweeting constantly and being active all the time is very important, as followers can lose interest quite fast. Although a tweet can be a maximum 140 characters, the information you can share within these boundaries can be incredibly useful. Many people in our industry share interesting links to tutorials, posts and product reviews – although written with less than 140 characters, the information can spread very fast and is very useful.
I don’t want to make a huge introduction about it; I assume that if you are interested on how to use Twitter effectively, you must have read the posts from the page to know what the service offers. So we will jump right into the business aspects;

Ways to Be Social on Twitter

The time to expand your business’ presence on Twitter is now. Here are a few tips for maximizing the platform:
Tweet like a person 
Remember the rules of social engagement: Listen, think, and say something relevant. Mention people when you respond to their comments and questions to show that you’re paying attention.
Use hashtags
According to USA Today, hashtags act as a “force multiplier” for Internet and television advertising revenue. Find a relevant hashtag that’s trending now, and join the conversation in a way that’s meaningful and authentic to your business.
Get visual. Add photos to your tweets to double your response rates. Twitter recently debuted its photo collage tool, which lets you add four photos to a single tweet to tell visual stories.
• Insert yourself into relevant conversations 
Create targeted Promoted Tweets that reach users when they tweet phrases relevant to your business. Choose the keyword targeting capability, and use this tool to give people an offer. For example, if your business is a coffee shop, you could reach users who are tweeting keyword phrases like “craving caffeine” and serve them an ad message, such as “Crashing? Grab a coffee on us.”
Give your Twitter followers something special 
Launching exclusive Twitter promotions gives people a reason to follow you. Just make sure your promotions will get your followers excited.
As you’re getting more comfortable with Twitter, remember the guiding principle that every business should adhere to: Social media is, above all else, social. Say something people want to hear. Communicate authentically, make connections, and use Twitter to create the buzz, excitement and loyalty your small business needs.

This indeed is a long posts; if you have read to the end, Grin. You Business will surely see success on This blog post is opened to comments, thoughts, criticism, etc. Just put them down on the comment box below.
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