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Monday, 10 April 2017

MTN Data Plan Prices - MTN Subscription Codes

Here is the full details of all MTN Nigeria data plans, prices, subscription codes and data allocation for all data bundles for computer, Mobile, Tablets etc. With as low as #5.00, you can be sure of getting on the internet.
Check the table below for the concise list.

Mobile Phones and Tablets Data Plan

MTN Bar Chart


Plan Name Amount Data Cap Validity SMS to 131 Targeted Device
MTN Mobile Daily #100 10MB 24 Hours 104 Handset
MTN Daily Internet #500 150MB 24 Hours 104 Handset/PC/Tablet
MTN 250MB Mobile Browsing #1,300 250MB 24/7 / 30Days 109 Handset/PC/Tablet
MTN 500MB Mobile Browsing #2,000 500MB 24/7 / 30Days 110 Handset/PC/Tablet
MTN 1GB Mobile Browsing #3,500 1GB 24/7 / 30Days 111 PC/Tablet
MTN Monthly For Mobile #1000 100MB 24/7 / 30Days 106 Handset
MTN Weekly For Mobile #500 25MB 7Days 105 Handset
MTN Monthly Internet #8,000 5GB 30Days 101 PC/Tablet
MTN Weekend Internet #3,000 3GB 9am Fri-9pm Mon, 30 Days 108 Handset/PC/Tablet
MTN Day Time Internet #6,000 3GB 9am-9pm 30 Days 107 Handset/PC/Tablet
MTN Night Internet N2,500 3GB 9pm-6am 30 Days 102 PC/Tablet

 MTN Hourly Plans

Time Limit Amount SMS to 131 Validity Period
2 Hours #250 2H 2 Days
20 Hours #1,500 20H 7 Days
100 Hours #5,000 100H 30 Days

MTN Night Plan: 4.5GB for 30 Days  
Send 102 to 131 @ 2,500 Naira


You can either subscribe via text or USSD
1. To subscribe via text, simply text the Activation Code of your choice to 131 e.g text ‘102’  to ‘131’ (without the quotes) to purchase the MTN Night Plan which gives you 4.5 GB data for 30 days at 2,500 naira only.

2. To subscribe via USSD, simply dial the USSD code of your choice e.g *101# and press send. make sure you have enough credits before dialing.
- See more at:

To check data usage send 2 to 131 

To check bonus data dial *559#

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Please what is total data allowance? I can see that in some cases it is different from the bundle plan. Thanks.

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