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Friday, 4 September 2015

How To Upgrade Tecno Phones

This tutorial is all about How to upgrade your Tecno devices. I hope it will help out.
How To Upgrade Tecno Phones
These are the few things to do to upgrade your Tecno devices.

Put a Minimum of 1GB Ram on flagships

It is bad to have anything less than 1GB RAM on an Android flagship. End of story. Putting a measly 512 MB RAM on devices like the N7 and D5 will just not cut it. Yes; you are doing budget, but do give your flagship devices some extra Ooomph! Give enthusiasts that extra performance that sets flagships apart from the rest of the pack.

Make detailed specifications and info about your phones available

Looking for specifications of Tecno smartphones can often be like looking for a needle in the haystack. Even Tecno’s own official website does not have any records of some of their newest phones. This is unacceptable. Information is power. Put it out there. One should not have to scour the world wide web with a comb to find out how much RAM is on a device.

Upgrade Tecno Brand

“Tecno” is simple, memorable and all, but it has this ring to it that just doesn’t feel polished enough. Perhaps you can play around a bit. This isn’t something that is urgent, of course. A re-branding campaign now will mean spending funds that can be channeled into technical prowess. The first two items that I listed are much more important, but somewhere along the line, I recommend a makeover of the brand to appeal to more refined minds.

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